Southern girl at heart. Momma to the best babe. Obsessed with my Goldendoodle. Always looking for a way to make it back to the sea. Taco Tuesday, everyday.

My name is Abigail, and I am so thrilled you are here. I am a film & digital Atlanta wedding photographer, and there is nothing I cherish more than capturing the love that happens all around us. My favorite moments happen during the in-between — the breath right before a bride puts on her wedding gown; a groom sneaking a peek at his almost-bride during the prayer; the embrace of a mother that knows this day is happening much too quickly. I want you to feel that every moment captured on your wedding day is authentic, full of emotion, and timeless.

Photography, for me, means capturing all of your life. It will not always be perfectly posed. It will not always mean that everyone is looking at the camera. However, it will mean that 10 years from now, when that groom is a new dad, or that bride is showing her little girl the great-grandmother she never got to know, those memories will still be tangible.

And real. And messy. And beautiful.